• Author: 8O1hf9ZI

Soon Summer is upon us and vaccinations are here. I should receive mine by May due to teaching. What are your travel plans?

My plan to stay a few nights with my friend in Boston and stopping in New Haven on the way. I've heard so many good things about New Haven food and want to give it a shot. After Boston I could either go to New Hampshire to hang out with another friend or to NYC. I've never been to NYC and want to speedrun all the usual tourist fare.


  • Author: RDo5ucQf

Im planning on visiting a ton of preserves and state parks in the midwest during spring/summer, will likely go fishing and fucking a lot with the wife. How's the eastern coast OP???


  • Author: 8O1hf9ZI

Considering the farthest West I've traveled is Chattanooga, I can say the East Coast is all I ever needed. So far I've explored just about everything up until Philadelphia. So I decided this summer is when I start investigating New England. On the trip I might just say fuck it and hit up every state. I don't know anyone in Maine or Vermont but I doubt I'll be up there again any time soon; I can book an airbnb or something.