• Author: gp5HVsSQ

>looking for new forums because all the popular ones suck
>spend about an hour searching common footers for popular forum software like Kareha, phpBB, vBulletin, Tinyboard, etc, in hopes of finding an obscure implementation of it
>suddenly, I remember my favorite Neo-forum / Textboard / Future simulator
Time to make this into a *real* community!


  • Author: tMciAFcY

yeah you are right. I am gonna do some advertisment on other boards soon


  • Author: Osstgqwz

>*real* community
the larger the community the less of a community it becomes, i fear your reality


  • Author: gp5HVsSQ

@3 I mean community in the sense of coming here every day after work, sharing my life, recognizing each others disparate personalities and bizarre eccentricities, etc
Like that Counter Strike: Source server I would play on every day after school that didn't always have the same people, but we all played and eventually got to know each other
or the IRC server I was in for 7 years (RIP) that became almost like a family, although I think that level of personal relations isn't possible without names


  • Author: 0fvhv/18

The vast majorities of communities keep themselves in Facebook or discord, a pity really.


  • Author: jbBy6iV3


Thats usually because those(the good ones at least) are invite only so you can regulate it way better since its not random anonymous retards joining in


  • Author: IujxPW+V

Speaking of random anonymous retards, I wish the culture of lurking would become more widespread.


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  • Author: QrhaL85q

I find it interesting that after a few years, we still don't have a consistent agreed upon way of replying to a post. I'm quite fond of the single arrow myself, but imageboards have made me used to the double arrow.


  • Author: hpd7TU10

@9 it's because the software doesn't do anything special for it so there's no reason to use one or the other; I think it's fine to indicate however you want, as long as it's clear, because it's just raw text :nida:


  • Author: 0RgNjFvE

ah yes, the chad aggressive newfriend that enters a new community and cannot help but make themselves known before they become a part of it. also known as "a goddamn blight", "ruiner of that which fascinates", "tourist", and "leave".
that mostly applies to hobbyist communities, though. it's not about serious business, it's about not making yourself a nuisance by shouting an introduction as soon as you enter a party full of strangers. this is why you tell people to lurk moar, to try not playing D&D, etc. if you took a week to read posts before making one yourself you might not need to waste time, energy, and attention of others rehashing the same issue.


  • Author: IujxPW+V

> [Chat/2021/6/10]
I appreciate the chads that take the time to write out (copy/paste) the entirety of the post tag.

> 11
> this is why you tell people to lurk moar, to try not playing D&D, etc.
Eternal September is the reason anyone is still arguing about alignment or think they're the first one to ever devise a situation where the paladin will fall no matter what choice he makes.


  • Author: gp5HVsSQ

@9 what I find more interesting is whether or not people put a newline after "replying" to a post