• Author: bVYNl+dG

theorethically if press [buttons] it will cause [action]

but it seems cyberpunk 2077 is happening so my stupid learning idea is also worthless to your million dollar matrix robots that will indefinitely set your futures in the stones

also the same reason (he) dont really like you being in the garden again after being cheated out by his own "acquintance". hahah get a robot, get settled.


  • Author: bVYNl+dG

cyberpunk is happening. nobody got anymore patience left. you dont, so i dont. see you in your permanent GITS cosplay that is your husk of a body haha


  • Author: bVYNl+dG

sorry but i only have "art" to make a point and you are all being a massive fucking retard about this that i have to fucking
"sell it all out becUse you have granted me practically nothing but...
fuck you

fuck your uniforms
fuck your stupid talking god
fuck your peanut butter money
fuck your one minute blessing
fuck you because they are shit and so are you you worthless dogs


  • Author: bVYNl+dG

those "guys" are believers too. a different kind of believers.

but i guess it barely helps you so
why would IT help me?