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  • Author: bqvd+QCT

Hi, I'm looking for a job. It can be anything, even it can be illegal I just need money. something about me:
I have some skill in
- carding
- scamming
- social engineering / osint
- DDoSing
- malware
- web application pen testing
- deepfake
- photoshopping
- making logos / mascots / site prototypes
- video montage
- making discord bots
I am well versed in computers/technology and I can follow commands + I am a perfectionist. You probably thought why with such skills I won't make money myself. Because I would have to spend a lot more time on it and I probably would have to invest in addition, I would not be sure that my way of earning money would be successful.
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  • Author: bqvd+QCT

ill give u 10 bucks to suck my dick