• Author: ylbI1Tr5

i hope youre good.


  • Author: ffzHzxhe

I'm good, how are you doing?


  • Author: qJbIwTXi

I'm not very good. I'm pretty lonely.


  • Author: 7TvyOYMl


Shoot heroin and make crackheads friends


  • Author: PZBGhKkq

Hi, I hope you're good as well.


  • Author: uSUN3Qxv

Well, all good things...


  • Author: wYji328w

I'm a bit sad, must admit. This is one of the comfiest websites ever...


  • Author: LHJRbxyJ

@7 tfw saovq is like the most popular textboard and its mostly just shitposting, which is fine, but doesnt really help form a tight knit community
also last time I went there it seemed /pol/ finally made first contact


  • Author: 0J/G82K1

@7 What are you smoking? This isn't even close to being one of the comfiest websites.


  • Author: oH1hHwyT

people that go on the internet to be simulate virtual(not real) comfyness are the reason most places arent comfy