• Author: CRSIn0f1

Does anyone else just love thunderstorms? I'm watching one from my balcony right now and it has the most wonderful calming effect :smile:


  • Author: DonB+U6o

We didn't have much of a winter this year, so I was looking forward to the forecasted thunderstorm last night. Instead, we had heavy winds, which are decidedly less calming.


  • Author: zJ0Zxs97

I'm not a fan of thunderstorms really, or rain in general. It brings down my mood too much. I do like the snow though. I live in northeastern Pennsylvania and people often complain about the snow in winter. Maybe they should live somewhere else.


  • Author: Jb4if9uD

Yeah, I do like them. they're definitely calming, especially right before the rain actually starts when it's thundering and the sky is pink. it's so beautiful. living in western washington, you kind of have to be at least indifferent towards the rain if you don't wanna go insane.
how much does it snow there? it snows maybe twice in february-march here, but it's only about a foot so people love it. when I lived in illinois the snow piled super high but that was when i was a kid so i dont remember exactly how high it got.