• Author: PnCsVTV+

Uh congrats on spamming I guess, couldn't you have come up with something more creative?


  • Author: kbfz4uhe

well at least spam keep the board alive


  • Author: JKSC46Df

Yeah but it's not really interesting spam and I'd rather spend my time writing anything but shadow ban code


  • Author: nGcXiuyj

Who the fuck are you even talking to?


  • Author: L8fqbuXh

I enjoyed the April Fool's Day special.


  • Author: nGcXiuyj

I want it to remain permanent, but yumi is a gaylord so that was obviously out of the question.


  • Author: PnCsVTV+

@6 there are plenty of imageboards in the Internet already!


  • Author: ZQtgExjD

Damn I forgot to check April 1st.


  • Author: xAA7+PRg

well, 8, you're not the only one. i was too distracted by the day of the rake to imagery post.