• Author: mG6Xcvqb

You got any plans for this year? I want to try my hand at drawing cause I've always been shite at it


  • Author: c90G+aGr

I'm gonna work out even more with tomboy hentai as my motivation.
Drawing always seems like fun, but learning to draw well takes so much time. Best of luck to you.


  • Author: RnVitvzR

I've tried learning Mandarin three times in my life and I gave up every time. I am convinced it's because my brain is too small.

I am going to try learning French.


  • Author: wkbYtgIM

I've gotten into *nix and free software shit a lot in the last year, want to finally start learning to code


  • Author: mG6Xcvqb

On more serious reflection I've decided not start drawing because it's one of those things I think would "be fun to be good at" but I have no interest in dedicating so much to something completely new right now
I've also played with the idea of being a "content creator" but thay also is a fucking pile of dedication and I don't care to play that game either, as neat as it would be...
I'm content just writing my open-source software and keeping kinda up-to-date with my blog :smile:


  • Author: tx12PKFt

I am going to study maths and release an album of bedroom pop/electronic music. 2021 is going to be swell, trust me anons.