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  • Author: xuk4GnTd

old good new bad

Why is there an increasingly number of people with that mentality? From imageboards were better blinding nostalgia, people complaining about boomers/zoomers and other random stuff but nothing really changing in the real world(outside of wasting your own precious lifetime looking at a screen and never getting it back) to bands that i like releasing stuff on vinyl and cassestte(lol).

I think it probably was always a thing and people can be more vocal about because smartphones so we just see it more despite not amouting to anything while society still goes foward. What do you think RAL?


  • Author: hbnE4eW3

The 80s and 90s were much better times to live in than today. Objectively speaking, the economy went only downhill in the last 20 years so people's perception is justified.


  • Author: wUQKHpTV

yeah it's much less about culture/consumerism/etc and way more about the economy, which has objectively gone down the shitter except for most people aside from a few billionaires


  • Author: RVKXr7bq

Every single waking day I miss the '90s all the way up to 2005. That's when things started going downhill at least in my own perception of life.


  • Author: /BIru1wc

Are you drop dead on Jan 1 2005 anon? I feel you. I think I'll abandon the internet soon, digital suicide. It might help me start something new and real. There's nothing for me on the internet as it is today.


  • Author: RVKXr7bq

Haha. Yes, that's me. January 1st, 2006 though.
I became a "ghost" online myself, I don't use social media or anything to attach my identity to it. It feels liberating sometimes but also lonely. However, I've been more accepting to it in recent months than I was at first. I do need to start limiting and reducing my time spent online though. Focus on more projects within the physical realm. So I definitely get where you're coming from.