• Author: d/cLhEhe

Favorite noodle packets? I'm in the mood to try some new ones. Current top 3:

1. Shin Ramyun
2. Mi Goreng Stir Fry
3. Shin Black


  • Author: g45qmt4F

I'm not a really big fan of packet noodles; cup noodles are more my speed.
1. Nissin Chili Tomato
2. Shin Ramyun (haven't tried these in a packet)
3. [It's more of a tub but try] Gigamax yakisoba [if you want to die]


  • Author: pmtW5jgJ

Bowl/tray noodles > cup noodles > packet noodles


  • Author: d/cLhEhe

@2 @3
Packet noodles just taste better than microwaved noodles to me. I can't explain it. I'm not sure if the noodle quality is higher or boiling the water before you put the noodles in makes them taste better, but the cup versions always tasted lackluster to me.


  • Author: g45qmt4F

@4 I cook cup noodles with water I've boiled in a kettle. If you close the lid they'll cook in like 3 minutes and the water will have cooled down to a tolerable temperature too


  • Author: 6PHnsmS1

Maruchan and Top Ramen are top tier


  • Author: g45qmt4F

Hell now I want to eat instant ramen lol


  • Author: nsDlmVD0

@5 at that point you're basically eating packet noodles


  • Author: 6rpYV8tD

Making your own bowl is the best option with hand made noodles and mushroom and everything else. BUT if you don't have an option chicken or beef maruchan cups with boiled water poured in is the best. There's some lazy ghetto fags I know who microwave the water in the styrofoam. DON'T DO THAT!!!! IT SAYS ON THE BOX NOT TO MICROWAVE IT AND IT ALSO RUINS Th E TASTE


  • Author: g45qmt4F

Making noodles is a pain in the ass... do you have any tips? I like to make tonkotsu when I can and I've gotten pretty good at the process, but I'd like to eventually transition into making the noodles myself too.