• Author: FNdPziWl

Any runners on RALEE?

Just did 14 miles today. I was really lazy last winter, then covid hit and cancelled all my races. So I'm finally working my way back up right now.

Hopefully I can do a solo marathon attempt by the end of the year.


  • Author: bljTxijj

I only run to keep myself healthy (a few kilometers after work twice a week or so) and I want to advance and get better but I have no reason to lol. Maybe if I tracked my times, but I should focus more so on my upper-body strength tbh than on my long-distance stamina because I'm already pretty small :smile:


  • Author: FBLDkcax

I pretty much exclusively run the cooper test, about 4 times a week.
I want to expand my cardio, maybe expand to 5k once or twice a week, but running just takes so goddamn long.