• Author: /PmI0URh

I wonder why anime fans hate cartoons so much, especially since most cartoon fans also like anime. It's really strange seeing people get genuinely mad about shows like Family Guy and Rick and Morty online. If you don't like them that's fine, but it's really not worth getting that worked up over.


  • Author: drzciN4Q

People who really like cartoons don't like anime though. Same goes for comics when it comes to manga.


  • Author: /PmI0URh

In my experience at least, that's not true. Most people I've met who like cartoons also enjoy anime, especially shonen and mecha shows. And the ones who don't don't outright hate anime, they just kind of think it's weird.

As for comics, I really wouldn't bring them into this. Cartoons and comics have very little overlap compared to anime and manga.


  • Author: gNR/tW2v

ppl who get genuinely angry over tv shows are super weird. but also i like anime and i like cartoons and most ppl i know who like anime also like cartoons so i dont rly know what youre talking abt