• Author: FRfH3lTQ

my sister is convinced that everyone else in the entire world is the problem and that the failures in her life are all because of external sources

if you think everyone else is the problem, maybe you're the problem


  • Author: 1lJFjXzu

In her defense, you’re probably not a great brother.


  • Author: FRfH3lTQ

I'm not the person she blames for all her problems lol
she blames society, the government, etc
no sense of personal responsibility


  • Author: lIYkaerk

Give me a description of your sister's life. Is she living on her own or is she living with parents? NEET or Wageslave? Old or young? Virgin or non-virgin? Thanks.


  • Author: FRfH3lTQ

uh I don't wanna post personal info, but basically she's one of many people in life who think that anything in their life is out of their control
in reality, some things are out of your control
but many things can be changed by the individual
for many people, it's a way to cope with bad decisions in life -- just blame the world instead of owning up to your own actions


  • Author: SMzFmO89

Until and unless we remove hierarchical systems of oppression, there will always be externalities that make decisions sub-optimal.


  • Author: hOLmOIJu

It depends. Some people have very bad luck.


  • Author: O2gz44G+

If she doesn't outside societal factors influencing her life she should just go off grid and live in the jungle then there is nothing to blame except herself


  • Author: ajmIqXaD

you're not wrong for sure, however.
Imagine you're autistic. Is there really something wrong with you? Or is the problem simply that the world is built for non-autists. If you were born into extreme poverty or slavery for example, taking personal responsibility is not something which makes sense. Even for less extreme cases, there can be arguments made over how much of a true meritocracy we really live in. In your sister's case i'm sure she's cmplaining or whatever, but we shouldn't always write off opinions like that.


  • Author: dYI5VheX

>Imagine you're autistic. Is there really something wrong with you
Yes you have autism.
There is a reason the world was built for non autists, imagine a city where everybody is autistic, yes it would be funny(for us) but not very functional.

If you were born on extreme poverty or a rich family taking personal responsibility is not something which makes sense, but that doesn't mean is an excuse and that people should and/or would care about the background more than the actions personally affecting them.


  • Author: cK9c82nC

I know a forest fire of a person like this. This person has gone through several groups of friends and is on speaking terms with none of them. According to this individual, everyone is out to get them, some people apparently rival users of magic trying to sabotage their life.

At what point does someone get the self-awareness to think, "Maybe treating people like dolls or like characters in a drama that I direct isn't how you should treat people. Maybe I'm the asshole"?


  • Author: ODuiiueF

yeah this. there are some problems that come from within but blaming every bad thing that happens to a person on some inherent way that they are is idealism and undialectical. but idk if this is what the other ppl in this thread are talking abt. op's sister could just be rly mean to everyone and her failures in her life are just her not having friends or smth