• Author: lOfqu4nz

RIP howler.space

just checked in and saw it was kill
i forgot it existed. went to halloween party like in 2018 or something
if I knew you all were partying and doing DJ shit theres no way I wouldve graduated so maybe not the worst timeline



  • Author: CwBjU94z

Unfortunately I wasn't around to see howler, but I hear it was good. Anyone got any stories to tell?


  • Author: nCuFEilA

@2 Not really. I only came for the events when I could, although they were a lot of fun.

I hope next year we can have some sort of IRL party. I'd make the trip to NC for it.


  • Author: dm4203A2

Howler was an anomaly and never should have existed but it's good that it did. I think the "college imageboard" thing was really novel, it's only been done a few times and never has there ever been so much "college" in an "imageboard" before.

There were college forums and things back in the day (before ~2003) where frat guys would organize parties using the Internet and underage kids would take advantage of this for free booze and profit. Howler was very similar to these forums once we started meeting up and having parties in-person. Before that (I think that was Fall 2018?) we were just kind of an imageboard where everyone was within 5 miles of everyone else. Meeting up and throwing ragers was a natural next step.

To raise awareness of our site we advertised pretty heavily around campus; I really liked a lot of the stuff we made for this (1 / 2 / 3).

The parties are were really fun, you can see snippets of them on my other thing DJR3.org, almost of the sets listed there happened at a Howler party. Of course you only see the DJ part but these parties went on pretty late and plenty of them had no music just (not so?) casual drinking, sometimes movies or other stuff too. Unfortunately we couldn't have one last party in person but we had a virtual party which was kinda neat too.

Do you think you were better off alone~♫


  • Author: nCuFEilA

@4 I somehow missed the club howler events.

Will there be more?


  • Author: SjNITG0J

@5 very likely there will be more, however we're not really sure on the timing. There used to be a few Trouble in Terrorist Town matches on that server after the main event but ttt gets old after a while :yes: I'd like to do an event again, especially now that I've found VRMod in Garry's Mod. Even just chatting would be fun I think


  • Author: nCuFEilA

@6 Sounds good. I had a lot of fun at the end of howler event, don't know how I didn't know about the TTT matches. Was it just advertised on your twitter? I don't use twitter.

My job doesn't begin for another 4 weeks so I've nothing to do.


  • Author: WQ3IWzRO

@7 I didn't really advertise it anywhere, it was off-the-cuff with some friends.

I think a RalEE game server could be fun, though, especially if we do weekly events or similar. I have a heavily, heavily modded version of Counterstrike: Source that could be fun, but I like social games like GMod more. We could leave the server up 24/7 and all decide on a time.

just not sure what game would be best :smile:


  • Author: nCuFEilA

@8 I guess the issue is group size. There are tons of good multiplayer games but most are for 4-6. L4D2 caps out at 8. A private Rust server on a small map could work for 10-20.

But as for CSS/GMod I want to play some Prop Hunt or Puzzle Maps. As a high schooler I sunk tons of hours into HL2DM Puzzle Maps and I think some made the transition to CSS and GMod. Something like



  • Author: WQ3IWzRO

I've heard some good things about OpenTTD for multiplayer. There is also an MMO forked from Star Wars Galaxies you can access via SWGEmu but that seems a little BIG. CS:S or GMod would be classic but both can get old after a few sessions.

... we already have a mumble server (somewhere) so VOIP or chat is not a problem


  • Author: nCuFEilA

@10 OpenTTD is great! I used to host servers for /v/ and it's a lot of fun. But you have to be interested in Tycoon/management type of games. If someone doesn't like them, they would get bored pretty quickly.


  • Author: WQ3IWzRO

@2 here's a visual summary


  • Author: mP+ye+2T

OP here again do we have a discord? Im straight neeting rn, and although i didnt do much with you all, i'm down to game or meet up if coronatime ever ends