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Artifact 77
Discussion of the bible, gaming, and merging of the two worlds


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Ill start off the discussion. Was Lamech's proclamation that anyone that murders him will face a punishment seventy-fold to that of cains out of arrogance and a declaration of his power? Or was it a gross, selfish misunderstanding and abuse of Gods will?


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Im sure youre wondering what this site is, or what its purpose is. Doesnt matter, this isnt a larp, this isnt some esoteric cicada 3303 BS, its simply a way for like minded people to meet each other.
Why did I hide everything then? Well, to keep losers out of the club of course! (Also, Im sure the creators and users of this site have no idea whats going on right now, if that is you, well - if you are into cool stuff, join the club! Youre already one step ahead :D)

So what now?


for now :DDD


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to take on the world at all angles, requires a strength i cant use!


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any one figured out yet?


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no lole. maybe im just retarded but it doesnt seem like theres any steganographic stuff there! sadly...


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Ok lets brainstorm

>nothing in<head>
>Lain(have no idea if its related)
>Your Journey Does Not End Here .html (Best clue: Gandalf quote?)
>hi there, i see you from all angles(no idea)
>/hi.jpg gives nothing new

maybe something in the russian?


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also when you open the img in notepad it says "Nothing To Find Here" at the end. theres no .html file on the website w that name and there isnt a YourJourneyDoesNotEndHere.html


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oh yeah, ill try running all the russian thru google translate. i found what seemed to be the og img on twitter and comparing the 2 it didnt seem like there were any differences. i also opened hi.jpg in a photo forensics website and it didnt seem like it was photoshopped but i also dont know anything abt that so idk.


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russian text seems all normal. "channel", "scan", "synchronization", "inside", "outside", "level". honestly im stumped


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ok im gonna need confirmation from
That there is something to be found so i don't autistically waste a large amount of time


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@11 yes, I don't even know there's anything here... I've combed through the image file and found no plain text except the message at the end, nothing even resembles ciphertext (source: my dad works at SSL) in a hexdump.

Other than an inconsistent use of tabs and spaces in the index I can find next to nothing


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has anyone tried outguess? i dont have linux and i dont rly wanna go thru the trouble of downloading a whole os using my shitty internet. but if anyone has it or is willing to get it then you could install outguess and decode the img there. the steganography decoder stuff i used was just online websites. and they might not be as good as outguess, or be diff somehow.

also they said "this is not cicada 3303", if this was just a misspelling they might be signalling that this is actually like cicada, whichs first puzzle used outguess. or they just mean it actually isnt like cicada, either that it isnt some quasireligious libertarian hacker cult, or that its much simpler than cicada (kinda doubt that atm lole!).

if the 3303 isnt a misspelling, then, since this is supposed to be biblical, it might have have to do w the number 3 in christian numerology. Jesus lived 33 years, then He died. 33 to 0. then He was resurrected in 3 days, then He ascended to rejoin w the Trinity. also 333 is in there, which could reference the Trinity as well. i might be reading too far into this but who knows. the repeating 7s in the website name are also likely a reference to the bible, specifically the book of revelation. the 7 seals, the 7 horned Lamb of God, the 7 churches, etc.

the "Your Journey Does Not End Here .html" thing might mean either that the journey does not end at the html, or that the journey continues by finding the name of a .html file on the website. things related to the Trinity, "jonahs sign", things in revelation that are numbered 7, and everything else even possible related to this website, just add .html to the end and maybe one of those would work.


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not sure i wanna try to decode this if its just gonna be some schizo thinking he smart.


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@14 This is the designated mental illness thread


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well whatd you expect from something about "the merging of the bible and gaming" lmfao


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@14,15 it's like that one King Crimson song


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It says that it failed to load resource /favicon.ico