Reply to [Chat/2020/34]



  • Author: A1FlcQcN

Why has the RAL textboard gone inactive? Just look at how many posts there were in 2019, 635. We're basically half-way through 2020 and [Chat] only has 180 posts. That will total up to 360 by January 2021, more than half of last year's total posts.


  • Author: 1ELJsiqY

I remember there was a period of spam, and the board kind of went dark after that.


  • Author: kuzZ3y0s

The verbosity of posts went up after the character-limit was introduced, which kept the number of posts lower than what was regular a few years ago


  • Author: A1FlcQcN

What was the character limit before this? I notice there's a new minimum character limit thing, so that may have increased verbosity of individual posts, but I don't see how that makes less posts because posts are indicative of a dialogue, which a new character limit wouldn't effect, as ideas are being signaled.


  • Author: +jEx9bnn

Novelty probably wore off for a lot of people. I barely check this place every few months.