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  • Author: A1FlcQcN

Why has the RAL textboard gone inactive? Just look at how many posts there were in 2019, 635. We're basically half-way through 2020 and [Chat] only has 180 posts. That will total up to 360 by January 2021, more than half of last year's total posts.


  • Author: 1ELJsiqY

I remember there was a period of spam, and the board kind of went dark after that.


  • Author: kuzZ3y0s

The verbosity of posts went up after the character-limit was introduced, which kept the number of posts lower than what was regular a few years ago


  • Author: A1FlcQcN

What was the character limit before this? I notice there's a new minimum character limit thing, so that may have increased verbosity of individual posts, but I don't see how that makes less posts because posts are indicative of a dialogue, which a new character limit wouldn't effect, as ideas are being signaled.


  • Author: +jEx9bnn

Novelty probably wore off for a lot of people. I barely check this place every few months.


  • Author: 65gHP8SZ

I think the coronas are partially to blame. You would expect the corona will make people flock to the internet and seek new places to talk on, but as it seems a lot of people just went silent.
It might get even worse when the lockdowns end, since then even the people who would ordinarily come over here may go outside.


  • Author: OpBMlX9Q

I would rather be outside than be on the Internet


  • Author: By52AxkT

I think that most people would say that they would prefer to be outside, but a lot of the mainstream internet nowadays is designed to make you addicted to it, and stop you from doing anything else but mindlessly surf the internet, without even meaningfully contributing anything.
Obviously I'm part of this just by writing this post, but I like to think that the people that frequent smaller communities like this would probably spend less of their time online anyway, judging from the frequency of posts in these places. :smile:


  • Author: TsQEL5Pl

Usually if my posts are under the character limit I don't bother trying to make them longer and give up instead. I'm too lazy and life is too short to spend time lengthening posts.


  • Author: NoPbzWq1


Same. The character requirement probably cuts down on spam but maybe it should be reduced.


  • Author: GWnlDJdc

Personally, I only come here when I'm on my "obscure anonymous forums" posting sprees.
I used to post regularly here, but the format is just a tad too clunky. Like a textboard with a little to many extra steps.


  • Author: NoPbzWq1

That's because textboards are a novelty
Imageboards are more interesting

Even when 4chan was reaching sky high activity, they removed their textboards because they were inactive and filled with spam


  • Author: GWnlDJdc

I think textboards are overall better for long term technical discussions, like support forums or just general IRC-esque communities. You setup a board and can have multi year long threads without having to worry about image file size.


  • Author: 1ELJsiqY

@12 Tell that to the Japanese.