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what is there to do in raleigh? I just moved here.


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There's a ton to do in Raleigh; downtown is not that special but there are a few really really good restaurants. The Pit is one of these places, it's a BBQ smokehouse in the Warehouse District (which does not actually have many warehouses anymore).

The NC Orchestra plays every season at Meymandi Concert Hall, these normally start up in October~ish. Kings is probably the best place to go downtown for music, although I have been at some really weird shows at some no-name venues, just keep your ears out.

Otherwise, there is a lot going on outside the city too, the surrounding area is really beautiful too (e.g. the greenway, surrounding parks etc.)

Although I will probably move closer to Durham in the near future, I live a little outside of the city and just south of the state uni. atm. It's especially pretty around here in the fall. It's my understanding that most people live in Cary or Apex (the peak of good living).


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I've lived in Raleigh for 25 years:

Restaurants: Tonbo Ramen, Amorino, The Big Easy, Sitti, Sushi Blues, Mitch's

Bars: The Outpost, The Raleigh Times, Watts & Ward, CGrace, The Pour House, Circa 1888, Ruby Deluxe

Clubs: The Architect, Coglin's, Cornerstone

Music: CGrace does Jazz, The Pour House does Rock, Slims does Metal but I'm not into metal so I don't know this place.
Cat's Cradle is in Chapel Hill and Motorco are in Durham but both are better than most Raleigh offerings. If you want music, go to one of those. If you want a great atmosphere while you drink, go to to CGrace or Pour House.

The good Raleigh museums are the NC Museum of Art and the NC Museum of Natural Sciences. I haven't been to the History museum in 8 years but I know it's not as good.

For arts there's a lot of concert halls here and in Durham but I don't know much about them. The Raleigh Little Theatre near Cameron Village hosts plays and there's a lot of events in the Convention Center. Plus Fayetteville Street has a lot of festivals and such going on year round. The big ones are Brewgaloo, the Bluegrass Festival, Pride, and Hopscotch. The NC State Fair is in October west of NCSU.

In West Raleigh you have Umstead Park and Lake Johnson Park, which are great for hiking and biking. There's also a greenway that goes around the full loop of Raleigh and branches off to various suburbs. In November there's the City of Oaks race (5k/10k/13.1M/26.2M) in March there's the Tobacco Road (13.1M/26.2M). Raleigh has tons of races but those are the two most popular.


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Raleigh pride world-wide! :smile: