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I'm seeing it in my neighbourhood. Chinese people moving in everywhere, paying for houses in cash. Canadians are literally getting crowded out of their own land. These people lack the morality and social capabilities of this nation. No class, complete disregard for others, and a lack of attention to their surroundings. They refuse to integrate with Canadian society and they form massive groups of exclusively chinese. There are neighbourhoods I pass where it's refreshing to see a white couple walking down the street rather than the wave of Asians just flocking around.

It's honestly infuriating, it's also impossible not to be viewed as a racist in this argument, people can find so many counter points against mine, but honestly, I don't care. I hate what is happening to this country and I hate what is happening to Toronto. I am a Belorussian immigrant from Europe, both my parents hold multiple university degrees and certifications, both speak many languages fluently and both were eager to integrate to Canadian society. We had so much difficulty making it here and there's Chinese, indian immigrants who literally can just walk in and receive approval immediately. This is unacceptable.

If we don't do something about this now, there won't be a place for the people who made this great country what it is now. We are not a cultural mosaic. We are an Asian breeding ground. An international garbage can. If we don't get the help we need from our government to stem the flow of this horrible immigration policy then we will lose this country. Encourage European immigration, South American immigration, something more refreshing, something with more class and less bigoted narrow minded Chinese tradition. And get as many of the Chinese and Indian out of here, before its too late.


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If Belorussian immigrants powerlevel and spill their life and location in a anonymous board to strangers no wonder they don't get more of them, they must be dumb as fuck.


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@2 the admin lives in raleigh north carolina. He has a link of his blog post on this site. Go call him dumb as well you idiot. You can't argue with what has been said so you resort to personal attacks pathetic.


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@1 Even if they did integrate, they're still your racial enemy. Or even if you don't see things that way the ship has already sailed now that there's so many of them. It's too late now. In a better world, the Soviet Union would still be around. Your parents would probably not have made it into Canada either. As someone who recognizes beauty and civility, it must be sad seeing this, but you barely have roots here. The Canadians had the power and gave it all away. Yet I don't think going back is an option for you.
@3 This board functions more like his personal message board than anything else.


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OP cant get cute azn/curry girlfren


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Sup loser, i live in Canada, white minority neighborhood built by asians. It's okay, some health violations, some uncleaned houses, but it's not terrible. Chinese are not that racist or evil. Second generation children grow up without CCP brainwashing.


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you would be racist, and very stupid, if you were not baiting. if youre not.. no offense sorry for being mean...