• Author: vElehYQC

Does anyone else here have problems with digital hoarding?


  • Author: 8i1o0EXe

absolutely, yes
I seriously get a whole bunch of anxiety even when I need to delete some shit that doesnt even matter
Like, 6gb ZIP file of Morrowind texture replacements? Even though I already installed it? Nah I gotta keep it!


  • Author: /VsJpK1A

I would, but lack of storage already (and funds to get more HDDs) stops me. For now.


  • Author: yMifd5R5

For me, it's fanart of stuff that I like, characters, ships, just nice art in general. I hoard that stuff like crack, but eventually comes the time when I have to delete tons of images to make space for other stuff. I can do it but I always put it off for a while beforehand.


  • Author: dINt9/+/

i dont but thats because i have a bad habit of deleting every thing


  • Author: 8mH6cxRj

Yeah, I tend to download a lot of images and such that I know I'll never need but fear not being able to find again (when in reality, I almost always do come across it again lol)


  • Author: /jSru5Ui

I have thousands of bookmarks to sort through and categorize. Roughly half is porn.