Earlier was the first time I had got out of the house so far for this year. My anxiety was under control for the most part, but I did experience levels of it go up and down throughout the evening. Overall the experience wasn't too bad. I didn't really do anything other than ride into the city to go to a clothing store with a few others as a tag along, more or less to get me out of the house.


Cool, spending time outside and especially with others is an essential part of having good mental health.


@2 - I'm trying to break out of my state of being a "hikikomori" and improve my mental hygiene. Today we have a bunch of snowfall so I don't think I'll be getting outside again at least until that clears.


Get a job and/or a hobby that is outside


@4 - Yeah, I've been looking at job listings and most of what my area has is only driving jobs which I don't have my license. All of our local businesses have pretty much died here and almost in a state of being a ghost town. I do have a camera, I could try to take some pictures.