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How do you decide on which websites that you become a part of a community on and just stop there? I find at least 10 - 20 more websites each day and try to spend time in more and more communities by the day to the point where all I do is spend time online. I have a difficult time deciding because I don't have anyone to spend time with IRL.


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old good new bad

Why is there an increasingly number of people with that mentality? From imageboards were better blinding nostalgia, people complaining about boomers/zoomers and other random stuff but nothing really changing in the real world(outside of wasting your own precious lifetime looking at a screen and never getting it back) to bands that i like releasing stuff on vinyl and cassestte(lol).

I think it probably was always a thing and people can be more vocal about because smartphones so we just see it more despite not amouting to anything while society still goes foward. What do you think RAL?


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"doge" is considered an old and unfunny meme, but now there's a new wave of doge memes: ironic doge memes
irony and antihumor
and there's a new variation called cheems, short for "cheemsburbger"


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my sister is convinced that everyone else in the entire world is the problem and that the failures in her life are all because of external sources

if you think everyone else is the problem, maybe you're the problem


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The first three days have already passed me by this year. Time is moving way too fast for me. What do you guys do to manipulate time?


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Social media has turned into a political hellscape full of narcissists and miserable people who want to make other people miserable. Some people go on social media just to lash out at other people now, for supposed injustices or whatever, when in reality it's just that they're abusive people looking for any excuse to try and justify their own abusive behavior.

What went wrong?


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Happy new year!

What's your new year's resolution?