Taoism is NEET philosophy

Taoism wants you to drop out of the rat race and become a NEET. This does not mean the stereotypical reclusive NEET you might think of. But rather a "normal" NEET who does not hide from society but takes part in it while avoiding the competition of normal people, the rat race. Taoism stresses that uselessness and usefulness is a pointless human made idea that doesn't reflect the true way of heaven. And in order to become a part of the way again you must drop the false human ideas.

This is the sum of Taoism as was told in the book Zhuangzi.

I believe that Taoism is the NEET philosophy because it stresses dropping out of the rat race and becoming a NEET. Confucius on the other hand wanted people to continue the rat race.


broke: NEET
woke: self-employed entrepreneur with no boss, doing gigs on freelancing platforms with flexible hours


that is wrong.

woke: NEET
broke: wagecuck

simple as that.


.. But rather a "normal" NEET who does not hide from society but takes part in it
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Daoism is really unconcerned with matters outside the individual. Maybe a reread of the Daodejing would bring up some new ifeas but I understand Daoism to be intensely personal... as such it is not concerned how you (NEET or not) interact with society but rather how you incorporate corelatives (i.e. paradoxical opposites) into your NEEThood on a strictly individual basis.
Of couse Confucianism is another topic entirely but it suffices to say that it is far more concerned with your interpersonal interaction with members and agents of the State and as such is not a good candidate for NEET philosophy.

Personally I will put for Hedonism (of a bad kind) as the best candidate to categorize NEET philosophy. Of course there are men and women who may prove this wrong, transforming their free-time into works of literature, art, critical thought, etc. etc. etc. but they are an overwhelming minority.


>talking about Eastern “philosophy”
Lmao. Btw OP, you’d be right at home on /wiz/.


@5 rec. me a good philosopher


I believe the Zhuangzi gives the clearest view of Daoism not the daodejing. And the Zhuangzi is the NEET philosophy. I am not talking about your stereotypical NEET but an enlightened NEET as was told in the Zhuangzi.

Ordinary men strain and struggle; the sage is stupid and
blockish. He takes part in ten thousand ages and achieves
simplicity in oneness. For him, all the ten thousand things
are what they are, and thus they enfold one another.

Wagecuck slaves away while the NEET relaxes in the Way.

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Wow. What a load of bull. Wu wei =/ pacifism.

Go read some Thomas Cleary and Julius Evola.




Can you simply listen to what is and stop interpreting things? Forget what Zuangzhi or Lao Tzu said. Just listen to YOUR reality.