What makes someone automatically seem smart??


a big brain sticking out of head?


Glasses and being well dressed


They have multiple published research papers in academic journals.


@4 I feel like this conflates being smart with being good at a given subject. If that's how you prefer to define it that's all we'll and good but I usually prefer a more holistic view


4 conflates even more than that. You can publish stuff w/out being smart depending on your academic field/specialization.
Not to mention, that's a hella authoritarian/``fetter'd spirit'' way of determining one's value (i.e. someone with authority [in every sense] must prescribe value for another to recognize it).

Someone seems smart if they opine with passion, or--alternatively--speak very little but with wisdom and gravity. Like if someone went on a long-winded rant OR spoke only in Rochefoucauld-tier chunks with impeccable timing.


>seem smart


a top hat!


Hello limey.


Be somewhat knowledgeable in an area the opposite party isn't and you may automatically seem smart to them. I knew how to handle a computer in general when I was a kid and to my parents I seemed smart and I was apparently "good with computers" when all I knew was how to install programs and use them.

I've been called a smart guy on several occasions, but I don't feel like a very smart guy so don't take my word for it