Why do some people feel the need to be rude at others for no reason?
I totally understand when someone keeps annoying you non-stop and you feel the need to tell them to back off. But I mean like when you just ask someone a question and answer it sarcastically. I mean what’s the reason to get so sarcastic about when someone is just asking you a question lol


Not sure; I feel that it's the way some people try to express their feelings (e.g. being upset, sad or whatever) but the passive thing really puts me off. Like, if there's a problem one should be up-front about it.


Because f*ck you faggot, that’s why.


I find that usually when the response doesn't match the input, it's because there's something else going on. People have full, stressful lives when you're not looking and a lot of times that can bleed into other interactions.
If someone responds sassily to a question, maybe they are annoyed by how much they hear it. Maybe they have reasons they think you should already know the answer. Maybe they find it akin to "spoonfeeding" and are thus opposed.
When someone does something you feel is rude, try talking to them about it. Say that the response was upsetting to you, remind them how it comes across and how that affects you. Sometimes people don't realize they were rude and are mortified to find they upset you. Sometimes they're in such a foul mood that they get ruder, but just remember that rudeness usually is just displaced aggression. For some reason they can't vent their frustrations in their preferred way, so they end up snapping.


I like to call it "Reddit syndrome".
Lots of female behaviours will be adopted by men, particularly beta males, after prolonged exposure to Reddit and its culture. Words like yikes, oof, "just be a decent fucking person", "person of color", "LGBTBBQ+" and other soy terms will quickly be staples of their vocabulary. Once a man has swallowed the blue pill, it can be hard to get him to come back to normal. The soy's xenoestrogens have poisoned his mind, and he is no longer based. It's not unlikely that anyone who has become a Reddit beta will NEVER be back at their original Based levels. Because of this, they can never get a girlfriend that is equally as attractive as they are. These men settle for women that are worse objectively speaking than they are (Asian women, fat women, single moms, middle-aged women, etc.). This is not because they can't get white women their own age and in their own league, but because they don't have the confidence to do it. Some of these men never even do that and resort to having sex with "traps" because any female is intimidating to them, and they settle for a person with mental illness. From here, it's not too far from rock bottom, but I'm sure you get the jist of what I'm saying.

Beware of these people, they will try to convert you to their cult of video games, unemployment, and woman ass kissing.


I can't help but feel this is the wrong thread / topic / w/e to outline the pitiful condition of males in a post-Internet age; but you're certainly on to something. I don't think there is enough written about the degradation of both genders under the guise of gender equality, equal pay and similar social movements (accelerated by the Internet). Such movements, driven by "social good" and "doing the right thing" actually strip all people of their essential character I'd argue. There's room for more thought here but I've gotta catch a bus.




Women are certainly not happy with life these days.
"Don't have children! Go to college and get a job! Have a career! Get an abortion and a dog!"
People wonder why white people will go extinct in 200 years. Women can't be trusted to do their own thing, I believe. Ever see a lesbian with a boy's haircut, looks like a teenager doesn't she? In my interactions with women, I've noticed it's very similar to speaking to an adolescent. Apparently women mature before men do, maybe this early development caps off at age ~14 and as a result, they act like teenagers for the rest of their lives, not to mention birth control is being shilled to every teenage girl in the US, who knows what that does to a girl's development? Basically, if you wouldn't trust a 14 year old boy with it, don't trust any woman with it. So why let mental teenagers vote? Women by nature get fucked, that's just how it is. When women do the fucking, such as with false accusations, holding executive positions, and having the upper hand in the court system, is it really hard to believe that men become pacified pussies while women become "alpha". This is a reversal of the roles, and both sides are not happy. The woman doesn't get the family her sub-conscious is screaming for, and the man doesn't conquer anything to make his own. The Sexual Revolution has resulted in the destruction of the family unit in the West, which results in degradation of the civilization its self. Nuclear family is: 1m + 1f = 2 kids and marriage. Today it's 1m + 1f = Pumped and dumped single mom = 1 kid, probably race-mixed and this results in her never having children again. No amount of "-ist" buzzwords can block the truth, everyone will figure this all out at some point. The white birth rates are declining, while they import violent third-worlders with double-digit IQs into our countries.
Ask yourself this: Why does the decline of the West correlate with the decline of the white majority?

A shit-storm of epic proportions will have to happen to fix ANY of this.


Hey buddy, I think you’ve got the wrong board. 4ct’s two sites down.


I personally dont think women should be able to vote.