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Looks are everything. If you look good life is a lot more enjoyable. You gain access to areas that are locked for ugly people. Generally you will be mentally healthier because looking good and receiving positive feedback from people improves your self-esteem. Self-esteem will determine your success in life. This is the truth.

People who say that it's the inside that matters are bullshitters that just want to prevent ugly people from committing suicide en masse. They want ugly people to live and become worker drone for the system.


  • Author: iF1GkCBW

If two people are identical in every single way aside from looks, then yes, the person who looks better will be treated better. But there's more to someone's worth than their looks. For example, if someone has a degree or career, that boosts their worth. Or if they have a good sense of humor and confidence.

Besides, even ugly people can date other ugly people. It's not the end of the world.

If someone doesn't like the way you look, so what? Does their opinion matter so much that you should let it make you feel bad? No.


  • Author: 2YtGLtUX

You can’t go wrong with being good looking. When you’re a divinely sculpted work of art, people will go out of their way for you to offer you things they deem themselves unworthy of. If you’re beautiful yet mentally retarded, you still haven’t drawn that shit of a hand compared to your average prole. Nobody wants to date ugly people just like many would be better off never being born. Do you dare say their misery is inauthentic?

Also you can barely look good as a nonwhite. Ugliness only leads to sorrow. Remember: the good, the true, and the beautiful.


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that is a really bad take


  • Author: 2YtGLtUX

@4 Look I don’t make the rules. Some of us have to live in the real world, okay?


  • Author: H0jPcISn

I always thought I was attractive but I'm not photogenic at all, I look stupid in every unposed photograph. And if I look stupid in photos, imagine how dumb I must look in real life...

I wish I was smart though. I'm constantly comparing myself to smart, successful people who have a vision for the future. I try to be ambitious but I'm not talented or capable of working very hard.


  • Author: k2+rswDO

Feeling sorry for yourself won't get you anywhere. Lift weights. Read books. Learn to code. Do something to improve yourself. Don't just act like your self-worth is fixed. It can change. You can change. Looks don't matter that much. Not only that, but you can improve your looks (among other things in your life).


  • Author: OAAE5F0O

@7 You think I haven't tried? In fact I'm still trying but my life experience so far has made me realize that LOOKS ARE EVERYTHING. If you are a manlet then you are fucked for life good luck trying to fix that. It's getting harder and harder to stay motivated when you've never experienced any love and have been an outcast for the majority of your life.

Just keep lifting weights bros, just learn to code bro, just read books bro. LMAO you are a retarded normal cattle if that is the best advice you can give. I know how to program, I do read books and lift weights; I'm still a loser virgin though LMAO.


  • Author: ce3R9S59

@6 How you look in photos can be pretty unrealistic. Look up lens and all that. So you’re probably not as attractive as you think you are - not the end of the world. It’s not a death sentence being average as long as you’re 6 feet tall with a 6 inch penis. Still it’s healthier to compare yourself to the man you were yesterday.
@7 You should be ashamed of yourself. Your ilk is exactly why people like @8 exist.


  • Author: k2+rswDO

I think blaming your problems on "looks" is a cop-out. Instead, realize that the way you conduct yourself around other people might be off-putting. Even in this thread, some of the replies are clearly very bitter, which is not a good personality trait. Learn to let go of all that negativity.


  • Author: k2+rswDO

here's a good video about learned helplessness, which seems relevant for some of the people who are posting in this thread:


  • Author: dAOxPSjy

I was once a lanky atrophied malnourished dweeb who got painful stabbing diarrhea every single day in high school out of fear. Fear of what, you may ask? Just fear, irrational fear. I had friends, I was handsome and could get a girlfriend, but I was just "autistic".
I believe "autism" is just a cope for the beta faggot shit that a lot of young men do. Parents can't be held accountable for their child's short-comings when they're "autistic" you know? Little autistic Billy can't make friends? It wasn't because Mum and Pop didn't talk to him because they were busy with their retarded careers that never worked out, oh no it was because Billy was born "autistic" and neglecting his social needs during his development surely won't have any negative consequences on his entire future would it? Could allowing these behaviors to happen cause everything wrong with autistic people like us? Could these socially unacceptable behaviors being allowed to happen contribute to our lack of meaningful relationships, our lack of not just social skills but any skill at all, and more importantly, our lack of doing activities that would make us ATTRACTIVE.

If you ignore the first bullshit, you should read this.
Attractiveness is really all about your development. No-one is born Chad, they became Chad. I tell you this from personal experience.
When I was 14, I was the dweeb I described. I mouth-breathed during my sleep, I had shitty posture, I had terrible fashion sense, I had terrible hygiene, and there were many things wrong with me that I could keep on listing. I was ostracized by my school, by both the staff and the students to the point of being expelled twice. After this, I slept for 12 hours a day instead of the pathetic 5-hour sleeps high school students do. This caused me to grow much more taller, from 5'10" to 6'5" in just two years after age 16. I had always grown slowly, I never really had a growth spurt. I was shorter than most people in middle school, now I tower over everyone at my current college-age. I grew because I slept frequently, which means I had time to actually grow.

Then I discovered "mewing" which is where you fix your tongue posture and your bite, which does a list of things to benefit you.
Simply put the tip of your tongue behind your top teeth, and put your tongue flat on the top of your mouth and keep it there. Then align your bite and now you're "mewing". Do not mouth breathe, you must breathe through your nose. You probably mouth breathe because allergies stomp your nose up, right? If you breathe through your nose, it will widen it and you won't have that annoying stomped-up nose as often, and after a year of this, you can just blow all the snot out of your nose. After a while, this habit will be automatic, as this is the natural position pretty people's mouths are. After a month or so, your teeth will align straightly WITHOUT braces or a retainer. You will slowly experience forward growth of your facial profile, your cheek bones will become more defined, and your jaw will widen and become more defined. You'll actually feel your face's joints move as bone generates. I can't be held responsible for you fucking your face up, so do more research before committing to this.

I must say, if you are over the age of 21, this may not work, if it does, it will work slowly. I was 18 when I began mewing, and I'm a late bloomer at that, so I was able to fix my face. If you're able to grow a full beard right now, you probably won't have a quick mewing experience.

When I was 15, my jaw was a 135 degree angle to my face, it was up to my ear and my mouth was actually lower than the back of my jaw. After discovering this technique, I experienced slow, but steady correcting of this fucked structure of my face. Now, my jaw is square and over the course of 12 months, my jaw has moved down ~18 millimeters. "Dude, that's only 2 centimeters" Yes, of bone in my face, which has drastically improved my looks and overall health and not only can I breathe, chew and swallow better, but I look better. I am a better man for doing this simple thing, fixing my tongue posture. It is truly a blessing to me, and I hope you can fix your looks if you're this upset over it.

Good looking people look good because they are HEALTHY. Strong jaw? Eats food. Pronounced facial profile? Good teeth and can actually breathe. Cheek bones? Again, the guy can breathe. People are shallow, but for a good reason. If people are so shallow and all your problems are caused by your bad looks, and if you're under age 21, why not do this simple solution (after doing research, do NOT fuck this up) and be good lookin' a few months down the road? I used to be a kissless virgin, now I have a girlfriend.
You can fix your face.

Correcting your tongue posture can improve your looks and overall health, quickly if you're currently in puberty


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drivel of this sort should be confined to dedicated lookism forums. your thread is tasteless and does not belong here.