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  • Author: /XE4IO+Z

Happy Halloween! What did you dress up as?


  • Author: AYdHqQho

I bought a tropentarn tank suit for an army themed party and it's actually pretty neat. I might wear it under a jacket when just out and about or when I go hiking


  • Author: Cu3oGdrs

I dressed as a loser in his room alone drinking


  • Author: scICawnt

I dressed as a high-school girl in a sailor seifuku!


  • Author: 3noRfN3n

I dressed as Bob Ross


  • Author: gZJyB/BV

@2 I wish I had a comfy set of overalls.


  • Author: GuEEOIwB

Added shades to my usual attire and played a very bad T-800


  • Author: ocCyBHVl

I wanted to get out and walk around but didn't manage to. It actually stormed pretty bad that evening and they ended up having Halloween night here on the 1st of November.


  • Author: mpF6t0cB

Because my new meds made me pallid and undernourished, because my hair is black, and because I happened to have yellow contact-lenses, black lipstick, and old raggy (now baggy) black pants and shirt, I figured that I'd make a terrific ghoul. I frazzed up a few weeks' worth of unwashed hair. Maybe for next year, I'll sharpen and yellow my teeth. Maybe I should just change my meds.


  • Author: sJT812xY

@6 I like’s proto-overalls.
@9 You should go as Girlfriend from Houkago Play next year.