• Author: lV/F7Z1f

How tall are you?

I'm 5'7". I think that's about as high as I'm going to grow. . . .


  • Author: FaO6Us+F

6'3''. Contrary to what people assume, it hasn't helped me get laid. My little goblin looking friend who is 5'4'' has no trouble though ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


  • Author: cxS6rCtv

5'11" or so
Everything fits me


  • Author: lV/F7Z1f

If it's short girls then I feel nothing about it. If it's tall and beautiful looking girls then I will be very surprised.

I'm sure you can get laid too unless you are extremely ugly which I doubt. You probably just have high standards unlike your short friend. I can understand I also have high standards too.

Being short means lowering your standard to the lowest possible to get laid. I've entertained this thought before but I can never bring myself to lower my standard.


  • Author: X2a2pVh6

5'8 on a good day
I don't really like it, it makes it harder to find cute clothes in the styles I want and I wish I was shorter.


  • Author: 4kQaEmpW

I'm fine looking I just don't have any confidence ಥ_ಥ


  • Author: nvRDADGe

I am also 6'3"
All it's given me is back and knee problems. Also I'm constantly unaware of how big my body is and feel like i'm taking up way more space than i should be.


  • Author: 1JdERKcQ

I'm 5'5" I'd be 5'6" if it wasn't for having a scoliosis curve in my spine.
My whole life I wished to be a lot taller though. I've dealt with a lot of prejudice and descrimination over being as short as I am. It's not very common for grown men to be as short as me here. Plus the fact that I'm never taken serious as well as never being able to be attractive to women based on my height alone.