anyone here make art?
do you ever feel like you're distracted/out of the zone/self-critical/scared of ruining something you've worked on, and how do you overcome it when you do feel that way?

i think i've been feeling all of the above for a few years now but i feel like recently my spark's trying to ignite again. i feel like just doing things until they stick, rather than doing things as meticulously as i have.


I make art but I don't really share it
it's fun to make and sometimes the process is more important than the outcome


I like doing pixel art because I feel more in control and find it easier to edit. Sometimes when I do drastical changes I keep backups so I can revert, but most of the time I just let the piece evolve on its own. When I feel stuck I move to a new piece and then sometimes go back later, in order to keep my artistic progress going.

I also do quick sketches of random things with pen and paper and when I do that I don't really care about "ruining" anything and just go with the flow. If it ends up looking like garbage I move on to something else. The key for me is to have fun and keep my development going.


true art is illegal!