How do you get to work / school?
Bus? Car? Plane? Train? Bike?


I use car but deeply wish to take most any other method, but everything else is trash where I am and I'm not close enough for biking. Biking to work on the daily is my ideal daily commute.
I did once for a summer but due to other factors lost way too much weight. If I could try again I think I could maintain energy requirements better and be super cool at the same time. Biggest drawback is that you kinda need a shower when you get to work.


car while listening to podcasts or audiobooks


>tfw you weren’t born in a place where you take a boat to work


@4 Why do I yet draw breath? Is there truly worth in a life lived landlocked?


I walk because why not.


Now image how people felt before aircraft.


@4 But you can move to Venice, and you'd probably have to take a boat to work!

I walk to my classes, it takes me around half an hour to get there from home. Generally, if it would take me less than an hour to get somewhere on foot I'd go on foot; otherwise I'd take the bus/tram/trolley.

Bikes seem so enticing though. But I don't feel like I would commit to riding a bike, and it would probably just take up space in my flat.