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I'm trying to help my dad with a tech problem. He can help by sending me a link to something relevant. So far, he has sent me 5 walls of text saying why he has a life and technology is too hard to use and he's too busy to do what I told him to do. This has gone on for about a week now. He doesn't know how to copy and paste, and if I tell him how, he gets ANGRY and insists that he knows how to use a computer.

What the fuck is wrong with old people? Are they retarded? This guy has a master's degree and he has taken a week and is putting MASSIVE amounts of effort into justifying why he can't copy and paste something. He keeps implying that I am asking him to do a really difficult task. He says he has "technology phobia" and that's part of why he can't do even simple shit like this. What the hell?

This is so crazy that it almost sounds made up, but this kind of thing is a regular occurrence with him.


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(I live far enough away that I can't see him in person, if that wasn't clear)


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I think it's a boomer thing. Whether its a result of the atmosphere they grew up in or what, who knows.
Also remember that early computers (which is probably how they view computers still) were incredibly un user-friendly, and would punish you for pressing/clicking something accidentally. At least with my parents, that's why they are reluctant to "try things out" as it were


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Yeah, it’s definitely a boomer thing.