Is it just me or are people more angry about politics these days? Elections weren't the same even like 10 years ago. People are super polarized and really seem to hate people who vote for a different party, to the point where they wish harm on their fellow Americans for having different opinions. If we stop and think about that for a second, that doesn't really make much sense, does it?


I don't know if subscribing to party politics counts as having opinions. Let me elaborate so you don't think I'm a contrarian asshat:
Media "informs" people about issues, that is, makes them aware of what the officially endorsed arena of discourse is. I.e. the media which profits from the advertising of MNCs &c (who in turn influence what is presented and how) tell otherwise 'ignorant' people what they should be angry about, conveniently giving 1 or 2 officially endorsed stances. In a sense, this means that, through the intermediary media, the corporations and by extension their puppet state, convince people what to think and, much more importantly, what to think about.
So, IMO if one worries about the topics they are psyop'd to worry about, regardless of which 'side' they take, they've already lost--they're already mouthpieces for the innocuous false dialectic of the political illusion.

Prepare for our ban.