incel women who are angry that attractive men won't fuck them are called feminists


I'm not sure who told you that but you should definitely go outside more often... get better soon!


quit projecting, I go out quite a lot


Well, I mean, not to imply that OP isn't a dipshit and at least vaguely sexist, but I think he is technically right here, or accurate.
If a woman was an incel (or "femcel" as they are sometimes called), much like a male incel, they are often overwhelming bitter and resentful over a lack of sexual attention that they believe they deserve. So this specific group would likely be angry that attractive men won't commit sin with them, and similarly again to male incels, they also likely believe in the superiority of their gender. While the label "feminism" is not popularly recognized or used in the context of female supremacy, female supremacists are one to call themselves feminists.




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volcel humans are enlightened entities that have transcended the flesh and achieved enlightenment on a higher plane


volcel aka asexual aka "ace" are just incels in denial... "nobody will fuck me, huh? that means I don't WANT anyone to fuck me!" sour grapes motherfuckers