• Author: Y0XEy7Ad

What are those sakura petals on the background? Is that temporary?


  • Author: 0nQbdTAZ

By the way, homepage is now transfering 1.07MB with cache enabled. I have really limited data!


  • Author: 11T6nZfy

Nvm it was just a new theme. Thought it was in commemoration of 3.0 or something.


  • Author: mbEBATv9

I have "unlimited" data but it throttles after a certain point, and if you do the math, it really isn't unlimited at all. Just multiply the throttled rate by the time to get the total limitation.


  • Author: hiF8cvNy

Home-page seems to be better; I think most resources cache now.


  • Author: pqCgH331

It's a very nice theme