• Author: abxFsaqi

What drugs have you used?


  • Author: bMllVu43

Caffiene is one hell of a drug


  • Author: BF8TpTSc

Caffeine almost every day; I dropped a tab of LSD a fistful of months ago, that was pretty fun; wouldn't recommend it to every one.

Stay safe out there!


  • Author: mo/sWL9H

OP here, I've used alcohol, weed, xanax, vicodin, adderall, DXM, DPH, ketamine, ecstasy, acid, and shrooms. I'm currently sober except for drinking.


  • Author: 6+xmg1qD

Hey, FBI-anon,
To answer your question, let's just say... enough.


  • Author: wczaAyIG

Yeah dude I'm totally FBI, on a site that barely gets any traffic. By the way, it's not illegal to talk about past drug experiences. I talk to my therapist about my drug use and nothing happens. They will only tell people about what I talk about if I'm at risk for harming myself or others.


  • Author: GIG7iCdc

I need a therapist or at least someone to talk to


  • Author: B8UHVXv1

@[7] campus med offers free therapy/counseling/what-have-you!


  • Author: UyqWZRuF

Was a simple joke, friendo.
Srsly though, I believe for each person there is an "enough" threshold, after which the person loses interest. For someone, this might have been long-term lsd use. At the end of that one might think "wow I can't stop smiling, my records sound better than I remember, and closing my eyes is neat BUT am I really just gonna spend the best years of my life dancing to breakbeat and ogling the paisley on my rug?" Could be fun for a little while though.


  • Author: FUVbJv/R

Is there more to life than just when I'm feeling alive?


  • Author: 3AYe76yX

Nope. Ask a zen master or a junkie and you'll get the same answer.


  • Author: xueM0uIL

zen is just mental gymnastics for accepting your situation instead of improving it


  • Author: YsASwFLv

Hmm... that's an interesting perspective.