What drugs have you used?


Caffiene is one hell of a drug


Caffeine almost every day; I dropped a tab of LSD a fistful of months ago, that was pretty fun; wouldn't recommend it to every one.

Stay safe out there!


OP here, I've used alcohol, weed, xanax, vicodin, adderall, DXM, DPH, ketamine, ecstasy, acid, and shrooms. I'm currently sober except for drinking.


Hey, FBI-anon,
To answer your question, let's just say... enough.


Yeah dude I'm totally FBI, on a site that barely gets any traffic. By the way, it's not illegal to talk about past drug experiences. I talk to my therapist about my drug use and nothing happens. They will only tell people about what I talk about if I'm at risk for harming myself or others.


I need a therapist or at least someone to talk to


@[7] campus med offers free therapy/counseling/what-have-you!


Was a simple joke, friendo.
Srsly though, I believe for each person there is an "enough" threshold, after which the person loses interest. For someone, this might have been long-term lsd use. At the end of that one might think "wow I can't stop smiling, my records sound better than I remember, and closing my eyes is neat BUT am I really just gonna spend the best years of my life dancing to breakbeat and ogling the paisley on my rug?" Could be fun for a little while though.


Is there more to life than just when I'm feeling alive?


Nope. Ask a zen master or a junkie and you'll get the same answer.


zen is just mental gymnastics for accepting your situation instead of improving it


Hmm... that's an interesting perspective.