• Author: XR1x5Z1B

Forums are dead compared to modern social media. Forums were more about community and discussion. Modern social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter are far more self-centered. It's more about the person uploading content than it is about engagement or interaction. Why is this the case? Are we becoming more narcissistic and individualistic? Do you think this trend will continue in the future, or will there be a backlash and it'll wax and wane?


  • Author: pk620w4H

In some sense this happens with all technological/cultural change. In the past, before the age of the cell phone, people used to communicate with each other and say things like, "we'll meet at the park by the basketball court at 6pm, OK?" If the person didn't show up, you waited for a while and headed home. Nowadays, if you don't use a phone to text and call, you get left behind. People aren't going to put up with what they see as being illogical and backward. Social media gamifies interaction and provides a service that's ostensibly free. People get something out of it (hedon units), and rely on specialized forums for particular technical questions only (how do I program x, specific hobby questions). Frankly, I feel lost, and don't know whether to abandon my computer altogether (and risk crippling loneliness) or try to make something of it by finding better communities.