too many bumper stickers on your car = I will not listen to your shitty opinions


we got a sticker stickler over here boys


It seriously triggered me being stuck in traffic behind someone with >2 bumper stickers or any at all that have some cringy quote/political joke.


Forums are dead compared to modern social media. Forums were more about community and discussion. Modern social media platforms like Instagram or Twitter are far more self-centered. It's more about the person uploading content than it is about engagement or interaction. Why is this the case? Are we becoming more narcissistic and individualistic? Do you think this trend will continue in the future, or will there be a backlash and it'll wax and wane?


oops, I didn't mean to post that in this thread. I'm dumb. Ignore #4 in this thread.


People like that might forget who they are if they don't see it on the way to their car every day. I feel the same way about 'meaningful' tattoos that are really just mundane details about your own life or personality. Or inspirational quotes. Leave it on your desk please, or in your journal.
4 was a mispost, but I think it's ironically on point because narcissism seems to be behind both behaviors. How can people validate their huge and hungry identity without broadcasting it to the world?


Back in the day: cogito ergo sum.
2018: my reblog got liked ergo sum.