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Seeing as the human cancer has caused immense destruction on Earth I don't think it would be wise to encourage the cancer to grow. But I fear it is already too late and the damage that we have done on Earth is irreversible and we will all die before the end of this century.

So go have some fun as much as you can before shit hits the fan. Or you could also take up the noble cause of destroying the human cancer and save the Earth. If you pick the latter choice here are some tips. The weak spot on the cancer is Agriculture, if you can destroy agriculture you will bring down the entire system. Many people will die including you but it'll destroy the cancer thus saving the Earth.


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Misanthropy is no fun, what is the point of this planet if not to support our consciousness? I seriously want to know what these types think. Just so a bunch of non-humans can be less impacted? Extinction events seemed to be common in prehistoric times, so again I don't really see the big deal.

Maybe the other organisms should step up their game.


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Your post reminds me of Pentti Linkola, OP.


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You know if durex just airlifted condoms to certain places regularly, and if the us embargoed Saudi Arabia, the 'Cancer' (that produced 100% of art and about 40% of all cool shit btw) could go into remission.


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China is a bigger trader with SA these days. I still don't understand why people are worried about the environment when most people will be dead before anything serious happens.


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Also, the general trend for birthrates seems to be going down anyway.


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Only in first world countries.


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Interestingly, France has a much higher birthrate than the rest of the first world.


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omelette du fromage


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Memes aside it's "au* fromage"