• Author: We88XLBb

What are your thoughts on social justice and modern liberalism/political correctness?


  • Author: 3xKTVtyZ

It is a product of Zionism and cultural Marxism to gradually eradicate western culture to produce a society of consumer worship (Notice how they attack institutions like Religion, Art, etc.) They remove morality/sources of morality because it provides a restraint for all-out consumer worship. Social Justice is nothing more than a simply ploy to remove all natural structures of trust and institute bureaucracies to govern the lives of the people and keep them neutered by constantly catering to them with Media.

These are my thoughts. What is OP thoughts?


  • Author: 5n6K+z+Q

They don't go far enough. Nothing less than violent insurrection against the white oppressors will decolonize the Americas or provide reparations for the progeny of slaves.


  • Author: zqCjHkdj

You know whites aren't the only race to have had slaves, right? In fact, in some countries, there's still slavery going on.


  • Author: i69XQBP9

Politics are not v. interesting.


  • Author: KGvwp/MU

Not very interesting? Politics affect every aspect of your life. It's suicidal to ignore politics.


  • Author: GmmTjrMK

No they don't. Not in the US at least. Most communities are largely autonomous. Hell even Universities get a considerable amount of revenue from sports, donations, (affluent bourgeois') tuition, &c.

Political theory, now THAT'S interesting, like how people vote, what factors make people likely to "participate," the relation between the represented and their representation, theories of cooperation/competition, &c. But a literal who's who of a ruling elite? YAWN.


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