• Author: eP1yTXNZ

in any communication it is important to optimize

relevant information communicated / time

in an asynchronous communication medium longer and fuller messages are preferred because there is going to be an unknown length of time between sending the message and receiving a response. if the messages are not communicating everything they could and ought, then the delay between communications will rarefy the communication thread: those who will stay are those who do not really want to communicate much, and those actually want to have high quality on-topic discussions will eventually leave for other media, and then those that are left that want to have high quality communications but are for some reason not leaving will start (quite publicly) wondering why the place is dead, or full of BS, or some other impressionistic description of content sparse communication


  • Author: X3x+tqme

more than 5 words = blogposting = bad

short = tweet = good

at least according to other people here


  • Author: IahzpJ16

>blogposting is not a bad thing.
When I post here, I feel like I'm tossing my thoughts into the future. 20XX IS NAO