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It's easy to come to incorrect conclusions when the other people around you also believe the same incorrect things. I was on a programming-related site where people were dead wrong about certain things, but other people backed them up on it, so it was generally accepted in that circle that something was right.

On a larger scale, that's social acceptability.

There are people who believe things because other people them, and then there are the thinkers who try new things. It's much easier just to go with the status quo or Overton window, but it's harder to change things. Sometimes it's easier just to pretend to believe the falsehoods just because it's hard to sway public opinion. Galileo was right but nobody believed him because everyone else already "knew" incorrect things.

Echo chambers are very harmful for advancement and the pursuit of truth.


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Water is wet.


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Yah but not everyone realizes that being surrounded by people who think and act like you is a bad thing for your development.

Maybe it's because it's so easy to slip into one of those kinds of groups... without anyone there to tell you otherwise, you might start to think that everyone in the world thinks like you...


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If water is wet, how come certain kinds of wine are described as dry?


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I hadn't thought about it. Maybe those "dry wines" are just empty bottles?


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[quote]Echo chambers are very harmful for advancement and the pursuit of truth.[/quote]
Maybe your truth, but obviously not theirs. Truth is a path, or a way to navigate, not an objective quality of things.
Profound spiritual, cultural, scientific, and personal truths usually come from such "echo chambers", and if they conflict with your personal truth you should find a better way to orient yourself before looking outwards.


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Truth is objective you fucking neanderthal.


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Also, nobody cares about your half-assed texts so please stop filling this place with shit.


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you're right, this post is better when it has 2 posts per year and no serious discussion


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>serious discussion
There isn't any serious discussion going on. Just someone blogposting and an idiot saying truth is not objective.


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and your metaposting complaints are contributing so much to the site


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Objective truth is called facticity. Which definition of truth is true objectively? And who hurt you?


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I think you're getting posters confused, friendo


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@[13] Sorry
@[10] See me after class


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I don't think 10's rudeness can be justified, but I do think the OP is just blogposting. Not only this post, but the other texts he posted are blogposts aswell.
>>9, I don't think having few posts is bad. We have a small userbase, after all. Filling it with posts would just be faking activity.


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ok, guess I'll stop posting then if people don't like it