• Author: Biyi8Fqr

It's lame when educated people who grew up in middle or upper class families look down on poor people for not keeping up with modern moral trends (especially the ivory tower kind). It seems strange to me how there's this self-contradiction among liberals, where they pretend to be advocates for poor people, but at the same time, they like to demonize economically-disaffected people who are right-wing, and even celebrate them getting fired or having poor life conditions. Like, you can't expect someone to be a software engineer if their family was too poor to own a computer and their local library lacked adequate funding for tech infrastructure or training.

Sometimes people who come from well-off families tend to forget that people in worse circumstances weren't given the same opportunities. Like people who get degrees think that people who don't just were lazy or something, but perhaps they never had the dough for higher education, and maybe they lived in an impoverished area where the public school systems were garbage. In those kinds of environments, it's hard to succeed. Yet you still have privileged (I know that word sucks) people looking down on those in unfortunate circumstances.

I guess the general theme of this thread should be classism, the academia bubble (and how far-removed it is from regular society), survivorship bias, and shit like that.