What are you doing today?


waking up at 2pm, doing nothing until 10pm, and then rushing to do homework


lamenting how i have a DSP project and have to write matttlab code for it


Class, work, class, work, and then classwork.


getting dubs


going to school aaaaaaa.

But thats chill cuz I get to go to the Canes game tonight with the fam


organizing my computer


went to cincinnati with some ol cross country friends. ran across the ohio river into kentuck (we used a bridge). its a nais and senic area. id never want to live there though.


Is the main street in Covington still one-third whorehouses? I visited there in the early '90s, and it was so weird. Cincinatti right across the river, when the wind was blowing in the right direction you could hear the Reds game, and here are hobos panhandling outside what are obviously brothels.

That and the drive-thru liquor stores are my strongest memories of that place. :/


I dunno....we only ran along the paved path along the river and made a rectangular route.

Went to covington at night and ate at keystone bar and grill (some hipster mac-n-cheese place that doesnt really stand out). didnt see any hookers/hobos, but was really annoyed by its poor road layout and one way streets.

seems like the area has moar $$ now, and maybe people bought out the brothels.


I should be sleeping. I am not, as you can see.


I should be writing a paper but I am instead doing everything except.


I finished my paper before the day it's due and and I'm on my way to turn it in. It's nice to finish something early sometimes.