• Author: j/uvf55/

Any alcoholics here?


  • Author: +He+Ypdb

Not at all, but considering. And u?


  • Author: Vyzz/oIq

Not really; just with friends I guess!


  • Author: sTbu86s7

alcohol is a sin

if you are a sinner

you should stop

thank you


  • Author: sx5VUqp5

I never ended up with alcoholism, but I spent about 6 months heavy drinking. Seemed like a lot of fun at first but man did it ever start to suck. Making a fool of myself all the time, breaking shit, throwing up, spending all my money. It's such a romantic thing, for some reason. Sad lonely drunkard who thinks everything is shit, but in reality it just makes everything shit and like that other guy said, you'll be damned for it.


  • Author: H4rJg7RP

I started drinking more. It cost me money and added more problems to my life. I wish I knew how to have fun without drinking. I want friends, but putting in effort is too tiresome. It's easier to drink to forget about my problems.

I am going to break the cycle by taking up some work. Wish me luck.