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you ever think of all the humans in the past that struggled so hard for whatever cause they believed in? and now they're all gone like dust in the wind.


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But we still see the fruits of their hard work; especially for great nations, things like national borders remain as testements to the power and diplomatic skill of the leaders, congressmen, and diplomats that make those things happen.

Still, we'll never really know the toils of people will never have their name on statues or memorial plaques. The most we can understand is through literature, sculpture, art which focuses on everyday people.

Kind of sad but w/e


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is this you OP


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I like to think of all the people who toiled endlessly for causes they truly believed in, things they believed were for the Greater Good™ and who now are looked back at as scum for fighting so hard for things we now abhor. Time make fools and asses of even those who believe themselves the righteous and pure-hearted.


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