[em] Boring Jobs [/em]

Does anyone else think their job is particularly boring? I do menial data manipulation, and some days I just want to quit and never come back.
menial data manipulation sounds so much cooler than it actually is lol


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op here again, I need to yell somewhere about this fucken job
it's not hard, it's annoying as fuck


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It's all boring, but it's worse to not have "boring".
1 Change attitude, see it as a stepping stone to what you want to do, and make a plan and start working on that plan.
2 Do the job you want in your time off and over time transition into it as the income builds.


i was writing a procedure manual this week and it was boring....then i had nothing to do today so i tried reading about calculus, but i was tired. then my advisor told me to read about FPGAs, so i have something to do for the next week.


@5 That sounds remarkably boring
I agree with @4. Boring seems to be thematic in a lot of work, but just imagine how frightening it would be if every day was exciting! The time after work / school is good for hobby-doing and such.


@6"but just imagine how frightening it would be if every day was exciting!"
Been there, got the PTSD t-shirt for it.
Good fun!


I put books in boxes. It's exactly as interesting as it sounds.