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What are your thoughts on the new design? ‮‮


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It's kinda confusing, but I'll get used to it.


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I like the banners a lot.


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I thought I just told you to not do this


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i liek it too much. grey color scheme is cute.


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It's nice, could look a bit less confusing though


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I quite liked the old design, it was uncluttered, and simple. I can get used to this design, but I would be interested to see if the two designs could coexist, like a CSS setting you can just change to get back to the old site design.


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Honestly, I preferred the old design. It seemed easier to navigate and to read. Perhaps, like another anon suggested, there could be a toggleswitch between the two. This design is nice, in a sort of nostalgic for a time that never really existed sort of way.


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What happened to the "Preview Formatting" button? I miss being able to check whether formatted my post correctly without having to pore over my post.


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Yeah, the preview formatting button was really helpful.


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Based. Love it.


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I liked the way posts were structured before, this funny brick-layout is really weird.


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Bretty gud. Feels retro and I like it


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Now that I've had a few weeks to try it: I don't like it.

The left to right arrangement of the posts make it harder to read, and the way that the length of one post can affect the height and width of other posts on the same "line" is really awkward (See this thread for a bunch of examples, #18 and #87 in particular). I don't really see the point of having to click the year whenever you select a continuity/board, maybe it's a stylistic choice but in practice it just adds an unnecessary additional click. Speaking of style, I really liked RAL 1.0's style. It was retro, but still felt like it had its own unique style. RAL 2.0 just feels like it's aping a mix of textboard design and geocities. Maybe that's what you're going for, but imo it just doesn't look that nice.

I feel bad saying all this stuff when yumi probably worked pretty hard on 2.0, but it's just how I feel. As others have said, an option to have some sort of "1.0 mode" would be really nice. I feel like how often I post on RAL has declined because of the redesign.


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I feel bad saying all this stuff when yumi probably worked pretty hard on 2.0, but it's just how I feel
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These opinions are very useful, especially when reconciling the inspiration for RAL with what people would like to see. I think that a good direction to go from here would be to add something like customizable stylesheets, where you can select what colors and widths you'd like to see for certain design elements... it would be like an .INI file for the website I imagine. And of course such a file would give you a choice between this brick-masonry layout and something a little more conventional.

I guess things like this crop up often; typically before I sit down to hack on the site I'll open this big folder of bookmarks I have and browse various textboards and imageboards and things for a little bit. I'm really keen on the design of a lot of those sites, but when I look back to RAL it makes me want to write something more unconventional.

For instance: not including e-mail / tripcode fields, BBCode markup (instead of Markdown), and a post-layout (this blocky layout) that does everything they told you never to do in web design. I think it's a refreshing project in that respect, but I'm also happy to include others' thoughts in this project: the Internet is after all three-quarters about community. The remaining quarter is about downloading music & anime.

But I really have no expertise in web-design or computer science; for me it's just a really fun hobby, but I hope we can make something fun together for the time we're here!


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Glad you're open to feedback! Btw, sorry if I came off as a little demanding in @[17], I just wanted to make my grievances with the site clear. You are welcome to develop the site in any way you want!
(' v ')


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I already forgot what the old design looked like