Hey guys, I'm fairly new here and I gotta say, I'm impressed! Anyways, just gonna get straight to the point, I want to know where you guys are from! Don't need to get too specific, just name your country, I'm guessing some of you must be from the most random places (・ω<)
I'll start: Puerto Rico


I'm from the USA. :-)




I am from the United States of America.


I am from the lingering mists on the edge of tomorrow, the liminal zones of squandered potential.






I'm from the United Kingdom, specifically Great Britain, specifically England.


I'm from Morocco. (´・ω・`)
Only Oceania left and we'll have someone from every continent!


From the darkest valley of Neramon.




USA. New England for life


I'm from PR too OP!


a big and dangerous city in america


Aurora, Illinois, United States of America


I used to live in Aurora :o


Aurora is like the shittier version of Naperville LOL