• Author: v/ALsfco

My friends on RAL, we have a very important matter to discuss.

What is the best Chex Mix piece?

I know this is a sensitive issue, but please, let us remember to be respectful and not let our emotions get the best of us.


  • Author: F1i/SYYN

The chex pieces that are covered in the spice mix, of course. I wish I had a big tub of them.


  • Author: MRCKJTFs

Clearly the rye chip is the patrician's choice.
Tier list:

1.Rye chip
2.Chex covered in a lot of seasoning
3.Chex covered in little seasoning
<<<Power gap>>>
4.Round pretzel
5.Square pretzel
<<<wtf does this even exist tier>>>
6.The flavorless anal bead stick


  • Author: hg4liinV

I should have checked the formatting.
Tier list.
1)Rye chip.
2)Chex covered in a lot of seasoning.
3)Chex covered in little seasoning.
Power gap.
4)Round pretzel.
5)Square pretzel.
wtf does this even exist.
6)The flavorless anal bead stick.


  • Author: 47WNQ9ai

I like the pretzels and the chex covered in seasoning, but it's all good to be honest.


  • Author: GqxvnBOE

rye chips are the best


  • Author: PWjESx2c

Corn chex with a lot of seasoning (MSG) closely followed by the rye chip. I also like Gardetto's.


  • Author: kzzK8RZb

Please do not disrespect the anal bead stick, it serves an important role to round out the texture pallette of the mix.