• Author: BMT8Iewd

Should I delete my e-mail as it comes in?
I want to stay on-top of my e-mail but deleting messages feels so 1995. I don't have a problem with mail server storage either.


  • Author: UhWvAFGF

i delete random emails periodically. most of their content was only useful to past-me and is useless to present-me. the chances of me looking back on them is about the same as someone watching a cell phone quality video taken of a concert


  • Author: 9JQxNIwa

I just deleted a shittone of e-mails. Most of the stuff I get pertains to my university; I need to unsubscribe from all these automatic e-mails from Moodle & shit too, it can get to be too much.


  • Author: 8Tcl1EzA

I have work related stuff in mine so I've been thinking of transferring over to a service that lets me download mine to a hard drive. Services that don't require mobile phone numbers are getting harder and harder to find at this point.