• Author: RJN9DVBj

Has anyone found any of the cheat-codes? I have been keeping a list of things I've done and the things they unlock:

Only walk backwards for a day
-> Unlocks a few alternate costumes
Eat more than 10 full meals in a single day
-> Infinite stamina
-> Masters degree spawns on the floor behind you


  • Author: 5dQWW3R5

lie flat on your face with a skateboard under your feet against a wall and dismount to clip into the Earth's crust


  • Author: JZbpftgo

Near the big statue in the rio de janeiro server for some reason the animations are really broken and all players go into the default t-pose mode. It's pretty funny even though it's not exactly gamebreaking.


  • Author: /uoVbBF3

try picking up items multiple times before they despawn from the world in order to duplicate items. your inv should have at least one of those items to begin with so you dont waste any game ticks to allocate an inv space.

works best when you hotkey your mouse scroll up/down to pick up, so you can flick the scroll wheel as fast as possible.


  • Author: eeM5yaK1

go to a gas station convenience store and check out like normal but say everything in reverse order when you pay, then the cashier will give you money from the register


  • Author: eZmwaL8f

If there's a lot of fog, something big is processing. It happens a lot near water and when the temperature systems recalibrate. I don't know if there are any cheats around fog.


  • Author: o00YjuRD

if you move fast enough during the "foggy loads" you can clip through the environment before collision detection occurs. unfortunately this mostly occurs early in the morning, which requires you to have the "early bird" perk